Is This Thing On?

I forgot how to log in; that’s how long it’s been since my last post.

But for good reason, I assure you.

This is Little Fellow, my current training goal :)

I knew I was going to have a rough first trimester, it’s just how I roll. This time around though, exercise helped a little with the morning sickness. Well, helped is an exaggeration. It didn’t make me feel any worse, let’s say that. So I figured if I was going to feel like the bottom of a shoe, I might as well be out doing something. The tiredness of course was still there and that influenced my working out more than anything else. That and the smell of the gym, it just made me too queasy to be in there, so I stuck with outside workouts.

Then at 14 weeks I was diagnosed with placenta previa and put on pelvic rest. Which sucked. It resolved at 18 weeks and so I’ve spent the past three weeks trying to ease back into things.

My first run (and I use that term loosely) was an exercise in humiliation and resulted in the immediate order of a maternity support belt (I might have even used the Amazon app on my phone to order it mid workout.) The support belt has helped a ton but when you take off a month and grow a human being who doubles in size just about every month, well, your fitness level just isn’t what you might have thought.

Anyway. That’s what I’ve been up to. I probably won’t have a lot to say over the next few months but I do hope to stay active and I’ll try to be better about posting :)

Strong Curves, Week Eight

Last week of the middle portion of the program! These past four weeks have been more challenging but more rewarding as well. Now that the weather is cooling off (relatively so) I’m doing more running with the double stroller and can really tell a difference in the strength of my glutes; it’s just not as exhausting to run with both kids as it was a few months ago.

So this week –

Monday – Week 8, Workout A; 4 mile run
Tuesday – Trainer ride
Wednesday – Week 8, Workout B; 4 mile run
Thursday – Trainer ride
Friday – Week 8, Workout C; 4 mile run if the weather permits
Saturday – Rest or makeup a run
Sunday – Rest

Strong Curves, Week Seven

Last week was a good week. I had a sick kiddo for two days but despite that, only missed one workout. I also had my “longest” run of 4 miles in forever.

Monday – a.m. – lifting; p.m. – 3 mile run
Tuesday – trainer ride
Wednesday – a.m. – lifting; p.m. – 4 mile run
Thursday – trainer ride
Friday – a.m. – lifting; p.m. – 4 mile run
Saturday – maybe a long bike ride
Sunday – rest

October Summary | November Forecast

I didn’t do an October forecast, so nothing to compare it against, which I think means I met all my goals! Right?

Swim – 0
Bike – 46.10 miles (3:27:15)
Run – 16.02 miles (2:46:59)
Strength – 7 hours

November Forecast

Swim – probably 0 again
Bike – 4 hours, mostly all on the trainer
Run – 48 miles
Strength – 12 sessions, approx 8 hours

Strong Curves, Week Five

I’ve just been trucking along here lately. I’m still mainly lifting and running just once or twice a week but the lazy time will be over in November. I’ve enjoyed this break though; it’s been good for me.

I’m bumping up to the second phase in Strong Curves. I really enjoyed the past four weeks but truth be told, I was ready for some new exercises a week ago, so I’m looking forward to the next part.

You’re supposed to bump up to four workouts a week which I’m not excited about though. Lifting three times a week worked in my schedule effortlessly; four is going to be more of a challenge (which I suppose is the point.)

Monday – Week 5, Workout A.1, easy 3 mile run
Tuesday – Week 5, Workout B, maybe a trainer ride in the evening?
Wednesday – not sure. Maybe another run? Maybe a rest day?
Thursday – Week 5, Workout C, if I don’t run Wednesday, I’ll run Thursday
Friday – Week 5, Workout A.2
Saturday – Monster Mash 5K, running it with both girls in the double stroller and all of us in costumes!

Strong Curves, Week Three

Breaks are good every once the while, aren’t they? Especially breaks where you are still actually doing things? I’ve still been lifting. This first four week section was supposed to be three days a week and I’ve managed two. I finished up track season at the velodrome and battled a nasty sinus infection (on my birthday no less) so I’m really pleased with what I’ve been able to do. I’ve taken an 11 day break from running and the world is still spinning. I haven’t been on my bike though since my birthday and in the pool since the beginning of the month (see previous infection talk.) But I’m still doing things, things I like, things that are fun and it’s nice, it feels good and it makes me happy. So I’m rolling with that for a while.

Doesn’t make for very interesting blogging though, does it? :)

AM – Strong Curves, Week 3, Workout A
PM – easy little run

Maybe a bike ride if my bike gets the rest of the handlebar tape on it

AM – Strong Curves, Week 3, Workout B
PM – easy little run weather permitting (it’s supposed to rain all day)

I don’t know yet. Maybe a bike ride? Maybe a run if I don’t on Wednesday?

AM – Strong Curves, Week 3, Workout C
PM – another run. Maybe.

Long bike ride with the husband out in the country.



And now it’s time for something different.

Another successful (mostly) tri season is behind me. I had a good August TriGirl race despite a horrible swim. My first top 10 age group place in Clear Lake and wrapped up the season with taking 3rd in the Athena 39 & under at the Lonestar Sprint. The season wasn’t anything like I had planned at the beginning of the spring but part of life is just learning to roll with it, right?

Now though, I find myself at this weird kind of cross roads in a no man’s land point.

Usually, when I reach this point, I just stop. For months or years at a time.

This time though, I’m committed to being uncommitted but I’m not unfocused. See the difference there? Since I started working out after Eliza was born (three years ago now!) I’ve been so race focused. Race, find another race, train for that race, race, etc. I did that because way in the past, if I didn’t have a race, I didn’t do anything. Except be lazy and gain weight. I was determined this go round to avoid that pitfall and I’ve done it. Other than my cast, I’ve worked out every week for the past basically three years. And I did it by having specific races and specific goals.

You can’t, or rather, I can’t keep that up for much longer without getting burnt out. And that’s what I found out this past training cycle. I was pushing my goals and not having the time (or making the time) to put in the work to meet those goals. So I was getting disappointed and frustrated and upset. Look, I don’t get a paycheck for doing this. My family’s food is not put on the table by my crossing a finish line. It’s not supposed to be “work” it’s supposed to be fun. And I found that out in time enough to pull back from goals and end this last cycle on a positive note.

As the end of tri season crept up, I found myself going on and thinking towards next year. An olympic, yes. A 70.3, more than likely. Half marathon goals. When could I do a marathon. Track cycling. Maybe my first road race. Do I want to think about doing some straight open water swimming events?

Then I took a step back and realized that it’s good to have goals, of course it is, but if I really believe that this is a lifestyle change I’ve adopted over the past three years and not just another quick fix or gimmick, then I need to learn to keep motivated and keep going without a specific event to train for or a hard goal to meet.

So from now until December, I’m goal-less, but not aimless. I need, have, to lose more weight. I need to get stronger and spend some time in the gym. I need to have fun running again. I really have lost my love of running and I don’t like that. I want to spend a lot more time on my bike, especially now that fall is pretending to make an appearance here. I don’t want to lose all the gains I’ve made in swimming. I have a plan but it’s flexible. I’m trying to think more along the lines of it matters less what I’m doing and more that I’m actually doing something.

I started a new 12 week lifting program this morning and feeling it already :) I have a love/hate relationship with weights and I’m ready to be able to commit more time to that. I went for a swim after lifting and it felt surprisingly good. I’m going to try to keep up with some short recovery swims after lifting. I don’t really have any specific plans for running right now but I’m sure over the next few weeks I’ll get some more concrete ideas. (And as I finish Jack Daniel’s Running Formula I’m sure I’ll be extra motivated to put it all down on paper!). Track season on the bike is wrapping up and without a doubt, I’ve found a new love.

It’s a weird place to be in right now but it’s not a bad place. I think it’s a place where I can do some growing and mature a little more. And that’s never a bad thing.

Lonestar Sprint, Week Eleven

Monday – a.m. swim (a broken mile workout for 2000 yards total), p.m. run – 6 miles
Tuesday – velodrome practice
Wednesday – a.m. swim (another broken mile for about 2000 total), p.m. run – 4 miles
Thursday – cycling intervals at Picnic Loop + transition run
Friday – either splash and dash or another broken mile in the pool
Saturday – 3(ish) mile stroller run with the girls
Sunday – rest

August Summary | September Forecast

My August goals were kind of a random guess but I didn’t fall too far off the mark all things considering. The bike I didn’t really factor in track training. You go fast but you don’t go far. And then running, well, it was August and hot.

August Summary
Planned – 16,200 yards
Actual – 16,759 yards

Planned – 200 miles
Actual – 137.73 miles

Planned – 60 miles
Actual – 44.70 miles

September Forecast

Swim – 15,500 yards
Bike – 100.00 miles
Run – 40.0 miles