Pear Run 10K, Week Eleven

oh my stars. One more week until my first triathlon. I think I’m going to be sick. Let’s not even think about the 10K the day before that I’m supposed to have been training for these past eleven weeks.

Anyway, panic aside, here are last weeks very taper week looking numbers:

10.25 miles running
20.5 miles riding
400 meters swimming

I bet I put up higher numbers than that during this official taper week. Let’s see, shall we?

10(ish) mile bike with the hubs as race day prep/more bike skills clinic

Intervals: the usual race week session of 6 x 400 @ 2:09 with 1:00 minute rest interval

1200 yard swim

10 miles cycling
500 yard straight set swim

Rest day

2-3 mile shake out run

Pear Run 10K

We won’t even think about Sunday yet…

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