Pear Run 10K – Race Goals

Ugh. I hate even writing this post because I feel like I’m falling so short of my original goal. Original goal was a sub 60:00 10K. New goal looks pretty different.

New goal: Just a PR. Current PR is 1:05:25 so anything under 1:05 is good by me. Did I mention the PR was set back in 2004? Whoops.

The weather is supposed to be pretty awful and I just don’t know how that’s going to factor in to things. At this point, I think I’d rather it be actually raining than just 90% humidity.

My current PR pace is 10:33. I’ve done a few 5 milers lately holding an 11ish pace. My last 6 miler was in March at an 10:46 pace. I’ve had two sub 10:15 runs, but they were both back in December and January. So I think the probability to PR is there. If I can keep a 10:15, I’ll do a 1:03ish. I think that’s the new goal I have. Start out at 10:15 and just hold that as long as I can.

I’ve just been distracted by the triathlon training and by bootcamp and by life in general. I haven’t kept the goal the goal and I think that’s going to show tomorrow. We’ll see.

2 thoughts on “Pear Run 10K – Race Goals

  1. Good luck tomorrow. With all the cross training you’ve been doing I would not be surprised if you shock yourself with what you do. Either way, you’re getting out there and running a 10k and that’s awesome!!

  2. I’m behind on my reading (what else is new), but I’m in complete all of what you do each and every week. Just getting out there and putting forth the effort is worth a pat on the back, three cheers and a few YAYs!! To finish a 10k in under an hour…WOW!! I can’t even imagine. A belated good luck to all future races.

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