Week 3, Days 1 – 3

Quick post and run because I have a sick kiddo that’s been keeping us up at night, which means since it’s past 9p.m. now, I’m barely function.

No yoga on Sunday as our teacher was out of town. Boo. I could have really used it this week too.

Monday-two-a-day, woohoo! Swam 700 yards total broken down into 4 x 100, 4 x 50 and 4 x 25. During the 100s, I just tried to focus on form as much as possible. The shorter sets I just did different drills which I keep meaning to link up to here. One day.

Came home, fed the girls a quick snack, got them to nap and took a quick nap myself. When I realized I was awake but they were both asleep, I hopped on the bike and got 8.5 miles done in 45 minutes before they woke up. I’m really digging this whole riding on the trainer thing and how convenient it is.

Today, hauled us all off to the gym again (don’t worry, big girl’s sickness isn’t contagious) and got in my interval workout. On the treadmill. My two most favorite things in the world. A total of 4.5 miles done.

So, wake up, repeat again over the next 48 hours. Hopefully.

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